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Driving advice

Driving costs abroad

Pay-as-you-go tolls are charged on most motorways in France, Spain and Italy. You can pay with cash, a credit card, or pay for a unit that sits in your car and opens the toll gate automatically while charging your bank account.

Examples of toll costs in France:
Paris to Calais £17.03 (21.70 Euros)
Lyon to Montpellier £19.46 (24.80 Euros)
Tours to Bordeaux £25.10 (32.00 Euros)

Keep in mind all prices shown here are provided as a guide only and may be subject to changes.

In Austria motorway passes are 8.50 Euros (£6.67) for 10 days or 24.80 Euros (£19.37) for two months. Passes can be bought from service stations near the border. You need a similar permit for the Swiss motorway system. These cost £29 for the year and can be bought online from

These costs make driving abroad appear more expensive than the UK but the cost of fuel tends to be lower. Here’s how the cost of a litre of fuel varies across Europe.

Country Unleaded (£) Unleaded (€) Diesel (£) Diesel (€)
UK 1.06 1.32 1.06 1.33
Spain 0.87 1.09 0.78 0.97
Ireland 0.94 1.18 0.83 1.04
Austria 0.78 0.97 0.71 0.89
France 0.99 1.24 0.86 1.08
Germany 0.95 1.19 0.82 1.02

*Exchange rate at the time of writing = 1.25 Euros to the pound.

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