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European breakdown cover

What type of European cover are you looking for?

An annual multi-trip policy, or just enough cover for a short break?

Euro Plus cover

For complete peace of mind when traveling abroad multiple times within a year, our Euro Plus breakdown is our best option for you. It has everything you’ll need – 24/7 roadside assistance, an English-speaking helpline team and alternative travel and accommodation options.

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Short-term European cover

For single trips or short breaks abroad our short-term European breakdown cover may suit your needs better. Flexible enough for all the last-minute getaways it comes with standard benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance and repatriation and pre-departure cover.

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24/7 English-speaking support

We've got linguists at your service if you break down in Europe.

Tips for driving in Europe

With our motoring advice driving in Europe is as worry free as in the UK. Find everything from covering your vehicle to checking your route.

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