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Frequently asked questions

Q1 Why do I get a cheaper price online than when I ring you?
Answer: Because when you get a quote online this includes an online discount of up to 40%.
Q2 What is Personal Cover?
Answer: Personal Cover is an add-on to our vehicle cover that covers you, whatever vehicle you’re in.

Whereas vehicle cover is here for your own vehicle(s) if something goes wrong, Personal Cover is all about you. You don’t even have to be driving the vehicle in question - if it breaks down while you’re in it, you’re covered.

One member of your household can also be covered with Personal Cover, you'll just need to let us know their details. Please note, Personal Cover can only be used for vehicles under 16-years-old that are privately registered, and being used, in the UK.
Q3 What is family cover?
Answer: In addition to covering your vehicle, you and up to three other members of your household are covered when driving or travelling as a passenger in any vehicle in the UK.
Q4 How do I renew my Green Flag breakdown cover online?
Answer: You can speak to one of our Live Chat consultants who will be able to renew your policy for you and also make any changes you may require. Please check your policy documents as your policy may be automatically renewed after it expires. Alternatively you can call our customer services team on 0345 246 1558. They’re always glad to help you. For more information on renewing your policy visit our renewals page here.
Q5 Can I amend my breakdown cover details online?
Answer: You can use our online forms to change your telephone number. Alternatively, our Live Chat consultants can amend your vehicle information, update your address, or upgrade your level of cover. If you'd like to chat to us directly, just give us a call on 0345 246 1558.
Q6 Can I change my level of cover?
Answer: We know that your circumstances can change so you can upgrade your level of cover at any time. You can speak to one of our Live Chat consultants who will be able to make policy amendments including upgrading your level of cover. They will take you through your options to find the best level of cover to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 246 1558 to talk to our team who be more than happy to help. If you want to reduce your level of cover you can do this at renewal.
Q7 With Personal Cover, am I covered in any vehicle, or do you need the details of the vehicle I'm in?
Answer: Personal Cover is an add-on to any of our vehicle cover products that covers you in any vehicle, not just your own.

So, as your own vehicle will be covered as part of your policy, we’ll ask for details about that vehicle when you get your quote. But if you break down in somebody else’s vehicle, all we’ll ask for is proof of ID when we come to the rescue.

Personal Cover can only be used for vehicles under 16-years-old that are privately registered, and being used, in the UK.
Q8 Can my partner/spouse/family member come under the same cover with me? How do I add their details?
Answer: With our single or multi-vehicle cover, the vehicle is covered, not the person. So, no matter who's driving, we'll come and help if that vehicle breaks down.

With Personal Cover, the policyholder is covered in any vehicle that's under 16 years old, privately registered and being used in the UK. You can get in touch with us to add one member of your household to your Personal Cover.
Q9 What do I do if I want to pay for a policy that's not in my name?
Answer: We’re able to do this for you over the phone so please call us on 0345 246 1557.
Q10 Do I have to pay a cancellation fee if I change my mind?
Answer: It depends, if your policy number begins with GF-POL, you’ve paid an arrangement fee upfront so you won’t need to pay an administration fee for cancellation. If your policy begins with just GF, you may have to pay an administration fee for cancellation outside the 14-day cooling-off period. If you need any help, please look at your policy wording or give us a call.
Q11 Will the policy cover me when I am towing my caravan?
Answer: Yes, caravans are covered no matter what cover level you choose.
Q12 Do you cover caravans?
Answer: Your Green Flag Breakdown Cover includes cover for any caravan and trailer you’re towing up to a weight limit of 3.5 tonnes and size limits of 7 metres long, 3 metres high and 2.55 metres wide, so you can be sure that with Green Flag you’re fully covered. At Green Flag we have a massive range of recovery vehicles available and you can be confident that if we can't repair your vehicles at the roadside, we can get you, your car and your caravan or trailer moving again in no time.
Q13 Why do Recovery Plus/Rescue Plus/Rescue/Recovery costs differ between the website and my quote?
Answer: This happens because your actual quotes are based on your individual circumstances – the type and level of cover you choose - while the prices you see on the website are starting prices that at a minimum 10% of our customers will get.
Q14 When would my cover start?
Answer: Your cover will start either the day after you have arranged cover for the first time or the start date you requested, whichever is later.
Q15 Can I pay monthly?
Answer: Yes you can subject to eligibility, over 18's only. We give you the choice of either a monthly direct debit from your bank account or a one-off payment with a debit or credit card.
Q16 Will I get a refund if I change my mind?
Answer: If you’ve not called us out, you may be entitled to a refund for the remaining time left on your policy. However, if your policy doesn’t begin with GF-POL, you may have to pay an administration fee to cancel your policy.
Q17 I am not a member and I've already broken down. Can I join on the website and call you straight out?
Answer: No. The cover can’t be purchased if you’ve already broken down. However, we can still help you if you require assistance. Simply call us on 0800 400 600.
Q18 Why do you need my vehicle's details?
Answer: At Green Flag we cover the vehicle, no matter who is driving. So, in order to give you an accurate price based on your individual circumstances we must have the vehicle’s details.
Green Flag covers the vehicle - what does that mean?
This means we cover your vehicle no matter who's driving it. So you can rest assured that no matter who’s driving, whether it's you, your mum, your son or your best friend, our experts cover them if it breaks down.
Q19 How do I access my policy documents online?
Answer: If you said you wanted to go paperless when you bought your policy, our online platform is the only place you can see your policy documents.

To access your documents online or to register for paperless, click here.

Please note, if you just got your policy, it can take until the end of the next working day for your docs to be accessible online.
Q20 Can I buy just short-term cover if I'm travelling to Europe?
Answer: If you require Short Term European Cover please call us on 0800 400 638 or get a quote online.
Q21 Is there an age limit on the vehicles you cover in the UK?
Answer: There’s no age limit on vehicle cover within the UK. Personal cover applies to vehicles that are no more than 15 years old.
Q22 Do I get rewarded if I don't call Green Flag out?
Answer: You do indeed. If you don't call us out we'll reward you with a discount on your next renewal.
Q23 What is specialist equipment?
Answer: If you break down, you may need specialist equipment to repair or rescue your vehicle. Say you've broken down in some mud or you're stuck in a covered car park, you may need special equipment to be pulled out. This is included with most Green Flag policies.
Q24 Do I have to pay for call-outs?
Answer: If you’re a Green Flag customer we won’t charge you for call-outs.
Q25 What should I do if I break down?
Answer: First and most importantly, make sure you’re in a safe location. Check our article on how best to deal with a breakdown on different types of road.

Then, if you've linked your policy to the Green Flag app, you can use that to get our help as quickly as possible.

Or, you can give us a call.

For UK breakdowns, call 0800 400 600.

For European breakdowns, call +44 141 349 0516.

Please note, our app is not available for Excess and Fleet policies, or for vehicles registered in the Isle of Man.
Q26 Will my policy automatically renew each year?
Answer: You agree to accept that the policy will be automatically renewed each year on the payment details you provided upon purchasing. This is the simplest way to ensure you’re always covered for total peace of mind. Otherwise, just let us know if you would not like automatic renewal. For more information on renewing your policy visit our Renewals page here.
Q27 Do I get always get unlimited call outs?
Answer: Unlike other breakdown cover providers we don’t place any limits on the number of times you can call us out so you can be reassured we’ll always be there for you.
Q28 What if I have an accident, am I still covered?
Answer: We’re happy to repair or recover your vehicle after an accident but you’ll need to pay for the service. You should then approach your motor insurer to cover your costs.
Q29 How can I make a complaint?
Answer: We want to provide the highest standard of service to our customers. So if you need to complain, we will do everything possible to ensure your complaint is dealt with quickly and fairly. For more information see the Green Flag complaints procedure.
Q30 How will you decide whether or not to repair my vehicle at the roadside?
Answer: We’ll do everything we possibly can to get your vehicle fixed to enable you to get to your destination. If we can't get you going the help we can offer depends on your level of cover.
With our basic level of cover, we’ll take you to a destination of your choice provided it is within 10 miles where you broke down, or a repairer of our choice any distance away.
Q31 Do you prioritise or make special arrangements for vulnerable customers (elderly drivers, lone women, children in the vehicle)?
Answer: We’ll always prioritise a customer in a vulnerable situation.

For example, someone with children on a motorway hard shoulder may get priority over someone who’s safe at home. But rest assured, we look to get to every customer as quickly as possible.

If you’ve broken down on a motorway, please read the advice in this article to make sure you’re safe.

If you’ve broken down, head to our Contact Us page to let us know.
Q32 What happens if my car needs repairing at a garage and the garage is closed?
Answer: If the chosen repairer is closed and you choose to have the vehicle taken to your home, we’ll collect it the next day (or whenever is convenient for you) and take it to the chosen repairer, all as part of our service.
Q33 Am I covered if I run out of fuel?
Answer: Yes, we’ll come rescue you and top your vehicle up. You’ll need to pay for the cost of the additional fuel. This will get you going to the next available petrol station.
Q34 What happens if I break down at home?
Answer: Call us a call on our breakdown number - 0800 400 600 - to talk to one our representatives. One of our technicians can be sent out right away or you can book an appointment at a later time and date to suit you.
Q35 What should I do if I break down on the motorway?


If you can’t leave your vehicle or if you’re in a lane with live traffic:
Turn on your hazard lights (and sidelights if visibility is poor) and make sure everyone has their seatbelt on. Call 999 immediately.

If you can get to the hard shoulder or an emergency area:

  1. Turn on your hazard lights (and your sidelights if visibility is poor).
  2. Get everyone out of the vehicle through the left doors and move far away from the road. If possible, get behind a safety barrier.
  3. Call your local highways agency to let them know that you’ve broken down on a motorway. If possible, use your nearest emergency phone. Or, call the following number on your mobile:

    • If you’re driving in England, call National Highways on 0300 123 5000.
    • If you’re driving in Scotland, call Traffic Scotland on 0800 028 1414.
    • If you’re driving in Wales, call Traffic Wales on 0300 123 1213.
    • If you’re driving in Northern Ireland, call the police on 999.
  4. Give us a call or get help using the Green Flag app.

Please note, our app is not available for Excess or Fleet policies, or for vehicles registered in the Isle of Man.

For more information, please read our article on how best to deal with a breakdown.

Q36 I have a reduced income as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and can't afford my monthly breakdown cover payments. What should I do?
Answer: If you’re having financial difficulties, we can review your levels of cover, change your payment dates or offer a payment deferral. A payment deferral means putting off your payments for a short period. When you start paying again, the amount that has been "missed" gets spread over the remainder of the agreement.

We will not charge you any additional interest to you so that the total payable won’t increase as a result.

Payment deferrals should only be used when absolutely necessary, the full credit agreement balance will still be due, but will be paid over a shorter period.

Agreed payment deferrals won’t harm your credit score as long as you make the payments after the agreed deferral period. If you don’t, this could negatively affect your credit score and prevent you from securing credit for a policy in the future (if applicable).

What should I do next?

If you’re struggling financially then please call us and we’ll see what we can do to help. Don’t cancel any payments or direct debits through the bank as this can affect your policy with us and damage your credit history.

For free and impartial money advice, go to the Money Advice Service and use the Money Navigator Tool.