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How to be prepared for other road users

Cyclist crossing a zebra crossing

Expect the unexpected

Can you see around blind corners? Thought not, so adjust your speed and stopping distance accordingly. You should always be able to stop in the distance you can see.

Give extra consideration to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders

The risks to walkers or riders are far higher than those in vehicles. Some people, such as children or older people, may not be aware of approaching traffic. Children may run across roads without looking. Drunk adults are equally likely to stagger onto the road at night.

Give cyclists a wide berth

Motorbike riders and cyclists are less visible than a car or van so double check for them. Look over your shoulder to check your blind spot, particularly when pulling out at a junction or changing lanes. Give plenty of room when passing them – ideally cross to the other side of the road. If it isn't safe to pass, hold back, be patient and wait until it is clear to pass with a wide berth.

Horses are unpredictable

Horses and their riders use roads too, particularly country lanes. Slow right down and pass when safe. Look for any acknowledgement from the rider, such as a signal to pass or beware of oncoming traffic; in a country lane they can see and hear more clearly than drivers.

Drive within speed limits and weather limits

The most important thing you can do, particularly within towns and rural areas, is to drive within the speed limit. The faster you go, the less chance you have to avoid a collision. If the weather is poor adjust your speed and stopping distance accordingly.

Keep looking at all times

You should be aware of your surrounding environment at all times. Just like your driving instructor taught you: mirror, signal, manoeuvre. This means keeping an eye on traffic behind as well as in front.

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