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Fuel economy

Fuel economy

Improve your fuel economy

Compared to other European countries, UK petrol prices are high and rising. With recent political and economical unrest the trend is unfortunately likely to continue. But don't despair; help is at hand. Take a look at our simple tips to help cut those fuel costs.

  1. Slow down

    Keeping your speed down can reduce the fuel consumption of the engine. It goes without saying that we should all stick to the speed limit, but your car's handbook will tell you what the most fuel-efficient in-town and out-of-town speed is for you.
  2. Lose weight

    Avoid carrying any unnecessary weight in the car as heavy loads put more strain on the vehicle, leading to higher fuel consumption.
  3. Find the shortest route

    Taking the trouble to find the shortest route to your destination can make the journey more economical. Our online route planner can help you find the shortest route - from your doorstep to any destination in Europe.
  4. Cut the air con

    Running the air conditioning increases the car's fuel consumption. So, if you want to save fuel and money, keep it to a minimum.
  5. Close the windows

    Open windows and sunroofs create drag, which means that you won't travel as far per litre of fuel.
  6. Share journeys

    By sharing journeys with friends and colleagues the overall fuel consumption can be reduced.
  7. Multi-tasking saves money

    One long trip is more fuel-efficient than several short ones, as a cold engine uses more fuel than a warmed up one.
  8. Shop around

    Check out the difference in prices charged by garages in your local area. Prices can vary, especially if you’re a high mileage driver who fills up regularly. Avoid filling up at motorway service stations, as their prices tend to be higher.
  9. Check your pressure

    Checking tyre pressure regularly not only improves the safety and performance of the tyres, it also keeps the car running at the optimum fuel efficiency.
  10. Smoothly does it

    Try to drive as smoothly as possible and maintain a steady speed. Braking and then accelerating regularly will reduce the number of miles per litre the car can clock up. It's easier to drive smoothly. And also much safer. Aim to keep a gap of at least two seconds from the car in front of you.
  11. Give the car a break

    Stuck in heavy traffic or waiting for passengers? Turn off the engine to avoid wasting fuel.
  12. Stay tuned

    Have your car's engine tuned at a reputable local garage. This way you can make sure it’s always running at the optimum fuel usage level.
  13. Check the oil

    As well as maintaining the correct levels of oil, if you want to save money on fuel you should also check the type of oil used. Some energy-efficient types can increase the number of miles per litre.
  14. It pays to be green

    Improving your car's fuel efficiency can minimise the damage it causes to the environment. You see, burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. By following our tips you can save money and protect the environment at the same time.

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