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Alert me

What is Green Flag Alert Me?

If you subscribe to the Green Flag Alert Me service then we will provide you with a revolutionary new device that monitors your battery and engine management systems. It knows if your battery is about to fail and whether it's safe to keep driving when a warning light comes on. What's more, the service is only available with Green Flag breakdown cover, so even if your car does breakdown we'll always be ready to rescue you.

How does it work?

Green Flag provides you with a matchbox-sized device that you plug easily into your car. The device then continuously monitors your engine data and sends any faulty information to us over the mobile network, which we then forward on to you through our Green Flag app. And don’t worry, we don’t monitor your driving style, speed or location.

How do I get the Green Flag Alert Me service?

Want the Green Flag Alert Me service for £35 per year?

Pick up the phone and call one of our advisors on 0345 246 2766 to find out more.

Green Flag Alert Me FAQs

Q1 How do I know if the Plug-in is activated?
Answer: Check your Battery Health status on the Green Flag Alert Me app. If you receive a Battery Health message, your Plug-in is active. If no message appears, please contact
Q2 How do the Battery Health alerts work?
Answer: The Plug-in measures your car’s battery voltage when it’s started for the first time each day and for a short time afterwards. If the battery voltage doesn’t replenish to minimum levels we’ll send you a message (by SMS or our Smartphone app if you have installed it) and suggest you get your battery physically tested at a local garage. Also, the device doesn’t draw power from your car when it’s parked.
Q3 How do the Engine Management System alerts work?
Answer: Using your car’s in built diagnostic systems and manufacturer information, the Plug-in will recognise faults within your car’s engine management system, for example:
  • a catalytic converter starting to become blocked which, if not fixed, can lead to replacement.
  • failure of the ignition system which could lead to further damage
  • fuel injection system failure which could prevent your car from starting

Depending on the severity of the fault, we’ll let you know what to do next by SMS or our smart phone app, if you have installed it. For more information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Q4 Will Green Flag Alert Me prevent a Breakdown?

The service will only provide information on battery health and faults the Plug-in detects from your car manufacturer’s engine management system. It relies entirely on information from your car. It won’t prevent a breakdown happening and won’t detect mechanical faults with any other part of your car for example:

  • wear and tear of your brake pads
  • wear and tear of your clutch
  • wear and tear of your tyres
Q5 What happens if I break down and the device didn’t warn me in advance?
Answer: As the service is entirely reliant on information provided by your car manufacturer’s engine management system, we can’t accept any liability that may arise as a result of the information provided by your car. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions for further information.

More questions?

Q6 What will I need in order to receive these alerts?
Answer: You will get the Green Flag Plug-in, which you fit to your car and the Rescue Me app (if you don’t install the app, you will receive alerts via SMS). The Green Flag Plug-in is only compatible with vehicles manufactured after 2002.
Q7 Where can I get the app?
Answer: The Rescue Me app is available from the App Store and Google Play Store.
Q8 Where do I find instructions on how to fit the device?
Answer: You can find the instructions in the Green Flag app. If you do not wish to download the app and have questions about how to install the device, please email
Q9 How long does it take to fit the device?
Answer: It will take you roughly 5 minutes to fit.
Q10 Where will the Plug-in be fitted (location on car)?
Answer: It is fitted to the On-board Diagnostics socket (OBD). Please follow the instructions on the Rescue Me app.
Q11 Will the device damage my car?
Answer: If you fit the Plug-in correctly, then no damage will be incurred.
Q12 Where will I have to go to get the device fitted?
Answer: You fit the device yourself while your car is parked in a safe location.
Q13 What happens if I change my car?
Answer: Simply remove it from the OBD socket and re-install the device in your new car. Ensure that you contact us to notify us of any changes.
Q14 What happens if there’s a fault with the device?
Answer: If there is a problem we can’t help you with, please return the Plug-in to us in the pre-paid envelope and we will send you a replacement.
Q15 What happens if my car is written off?
Answer: Please notify us and we will send a replacement device for your new car.
Q16 What data are you going to collect?
Answer: We are going to collect a variety of data such as battery voltage and diagnostics codes taken from the electronic control device. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
Q17 What will you do with the data you collect?
Answer: We use it to analyse the cause of vehicle faults, both while you are using and after you have stopped using the device.
Q18 Who will be able to view my information?
Answer: Green Flag and their approved technology and analytics suppliers. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
Q19 Will my information be shared with other organisations?
Answer: No information which identifies you as an individual will be shared with organisations outside Green Flag and their approved suppliers.
Q20 How do I get the device removed?
Answer: Simply unplug the device and return it using the pre-paid envelope supplied or contact us via and we will email you a pre-paid return label that can be printed of.
Q21 Will the device void my car warranty?
Answer: The device will not impact the functionality of a “compatible vehicle”. The device supplier will maintain a list of “non-compatible” vehicles.
Q22 What if the device incorrectly advises a fault and Green Flag is called in error, will this claim be held against me?
Answer: No.

For more information read our Terms and Conditions