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Preparing your car for winter

How to prevent your car's engine from freezing in winter

A lack of antifreeze or a weak mix in the cooling system can lead to the water in your engine freezing and causing internal damage. In order to prevent this you should do the following:

  • When you have your car serviced, ask the garage to check and replenish the antifreeze
  • Always ensure that you have used manufacturer-recommended oil with the correct viscosity in the motor. This helps the engine to start more easily in the cold
  • Have the battery checked before the cold weather begins. If it needs pepping up, remove and charge it if your manufacturer advises this by using an affordable trickle charger like these
  • Check the battery terminals are securely connected and top up the water levels if you can
  • A battery should last six or seven years. If the engine is turning over more slowly than usual when you start it, or the battery light is coming on, it could be time for a new battery
  • Try to park your car in a garage to keep it out of the worst of the cold weather
  • Many modern cars have insulating blankets around their batteries. If yours hasn’t, consider buying a battery blanket
  • Ensure you have adequate breakdown cover in the event of battery failure. Get a free online breakdown cover quote from Green Flag today for added peace of mind in the winter

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