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Recognising common problems

Recognising common problems

You turn the key and nothing happens

Switch on the headlights. If they're dim, the battery's probably flat

The engine won't turnover and there's a clicking sound

It could be a loose battery connection; check the terminals. It could be a faulty starter motor; contact your local garage or Green Flag on 0800 400 600 for assistance.

The starter turns over but the engine doesn't fire

It could be damp electrics; try a moisture-repellent spray. May be an ignition fault; seek help from your local garage or Green Flag. Might be fuel starvation; is there enough in the tank?

You are driving and the engine starts to cough

Most likely low fuel. Check the gauge and refuel

The car starts to smell hot and steamy

The engine is overheating. Stop immediately and let it cool.

Let the temperature go down before topping up the cooling system.

There's a burning smell but no steam

There could be an electrical fire.

Stop but don't open the bonnet. Get out of the vehicle and if you can see evidence of a fire, call the emergency services and ensure no one is within the vicinity of the vehicle.

The engine falters and stops in hot weather, or won't re-start after a brief stop at the end of a long drive

Likely to be fuel vaporisation. Wait about 15 minutes with the bonnet open and try again. If you can’t get the engine to start, call Green Flag for assistance on 0800 400 600.

The engine becomes noisy or loses power

One of several potentially serious problems. If you can, take the vehicle to a garage for further inspection. If the engine dies, try to park safely off the road and call Green Flag for assistance on 0800 400 600.

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