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Winter driving

Top tips to tackle extreme weather

When the weather gets colder and the days get darker, the number of breakdowns on the road increases.

The best way to avoid a breakdown when driving in winter is to be prepared. Here are our top tips on getting your car through the colder months in one piece:


Assess the condition of your tyres to see if they have adequate tread and pressure, and consider investing in chains, snow socks or winter tyres for greater grip and control.

Wiper blades

When the snow is falling, or the rain really starts to hammer against your windscreen, sometimes your trusty windscreen wipers are the only things that stand between you and an accident. Check your wipers to make sure they don’t need replacing.

Windscreen washer fluid

Top up your windscreen washer fluid and mix in a suitable additive to reduce the chance of freezing - note that ordinary engine antifreeze may cause damage to your paintwork. Make sure that your windscreen is clear of any dirt, stickers or snow; if your vision is obscured, it’s dangerous and could result in a hefty fine.


To ensure you’re well prepared for winter driving, plan and know your route well before leaving for your destination.

Pack essential items

Taking time to pack some everyday items can make life a whole lot easier should you become stuck at the roadside. A shovel, torch, windscreen scraper, piece of carpet or thick cardboard (to help get your tyres out of snow), warm clothing and a fully-charged mobile phone can be invaluable.

If blizzards or flooding hit when you're on the road, we advise you select a higher gear, take smooth actions and brake gently. Keep plenty of distance between you and other cars and don't touch the clutch unless it's absolutely necessary. Be extra wary of black ice, and if you do get into a skid, never brake.

If after all these prevention methods you still find yourself stranded in snow or floods, stay calm. Having Green Flag’s contact details to hand means you can give us a call and we'll get you and your vehicle back on the road. And, unlike the AA or RAC, we won't charge you extra for specialist breakdown equipment in extreme weather conditions.

UK Breakdown Cover

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