Photograph showing a greenflag man looking at under a car bonnet, while a man stoods nearby

While driving in the wet may seem safer than in icy conditions, heavy rain can bring its own hazards. Most of us have experienced aquaplaning while driving when the wheels lose contact with the road in the wet. It's pretty scary, as you seem to completely lose control of the car.

So if the worst does happen, what can we do? Green Flag has some timely advice:

As always, don’t panic The key is to keep your driving movements calm and smooth. If you do hit water, allow the vehicle to slow down naturally. Resist the natural urge to slam on the brakes. Keep the car in a straight line and ease your foot slowly off the accelerator until the throttle is just slightly open. All in all, it’s best to avoid aquaplaning altogether - keep to the 3 principles of good driving; concentration, observation and anticipation.

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