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The things we hate to miss… it’s not work!

14 May 2014

  • 600,000 Brits would rather take a trip to the dentist than to work
  • One in ten men worry most about missing a sporting event
  • One in four of us lie to save the embarrassment of a no show or being late

Going under the dentist's drill is more desirable than a day in the office according to new research* by national breakdown provider Green Flag, with over 600,000** Brits choosing a trip to the dentist over an outing to the office.

When asked which occasions they'd hate to miss most, life events such as funerals (47 per cent) births (38 per cent) and weddings (38 per cent), topped the list for Brits. Events such as sporting events (10 per cent), graduations (30 per cent) and hospital appointments (24 per cent) came higher than not making it to the daily grind (six per cent).

Proving that we Brits truly are a nation of sports fanatics, the survey of 2,000 British adults reveals more than one in ten (11 per cent) men worry most about missing an important sporting event or fixture. Over two thirds (69 per cent) of Brits admit they'd take a day off work to attend a sporting event and one in three (31 per cent) Brits claim they'd go all night without sleep if that were what it took to make a match. The research estimates that nearly two million Brits would spend over £1,000 to get to a game they hold dear to their hearts.

When we are late or miss and event, more than one in four of us (28 per cent) have lied to save embarrassment or hurt feelings. The favoured excuses being; illness (32 per cent), too busy at work (12 per cent), getting the days mixed up (11 per cent) or even making out someone else was ill (nine per cent) and had to be looked after.

Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of those surveyed revealed that being late triggers a range of negative emotions including guilt, embarrassment and anxiety. Only five per cent of the nation suggested that missing engagements didn't bother them at all. There's also evidence of a gender split, with women twice as likely to feel anxious about missing appointments as men.

Mike Bowman, Director of Green Flag, commented: "As the research shows, there are some events that we cannot stand to miss, making us fork out a fortune to get where we need to be, whether it's a wedding or a trip to a rugby match. Missing appointments can also have an emotional impact, which is why we are committed to getting people to where they need to be, no matter what.”

The full list of what Brits would most hate to miss is:

  1. The funeral of a friend or family member
  2. The birth of a child/grandchild
  3. The wedding of a friend/family member
  4. My own or my child's graduation
  5. A hospital appointment
  6. A job interview
  7. The school nativity play
  8. A dentist appointment
  9. An important sporting event or fixture
  10. A day at work
  11. School parents evening