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Free proposal cover promises to save Brits' romance

07 February 2014

Green Flag reveals Britain is a nation of romantics, and launches a plan to get lovers to their proposal destinations, no matter what.

  • High number of Valentine's Day breakdowns over past three years
  • Nearly a million Brits are planning to propose on 14th February
  • Green Flag launches free nationwide Proposal Cover for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, research by Green Flag reveals that Britain is a secret nation of romantics, with nearly a million people (907,000) planning to propose on 14th February. For tens of thousands, the proposal will come as a surprise, with around 800,000 people expecting their significant other to pop the question on Valentine's Day.

This research, combined with the fact that Green Flag has been called out to 9,226 breakdowns over the past three Valentine's Day (one every 26 seconds), has sparked the roadside rescue company to launch its Proposal Cover – a free, one-day, nationwide service that promises to get those planning to propose on 14th Feb to their love destination, no matter what.

Green Flag's expert team of roadside rescuers will be on red alert on 14th February, prepared to help lovers get wherever it is they need to be to pop the question. In order to qualify for the cover, people need to pre-register by calling 0800 8100511 before 12th February 2014.

Available on the same number will be Green Flag's Valentine's Consultant, who will be on hand to help anyone who needs to practice the language of love, to guarantee the perfect proposal.

Simon Henrick at Green Flag, commented: "Customer insight has shown us that breakdowns on Valentine's Day are common and, with our research revealing nearly a million people are planning to propose this Valentine's Day, we want to help couples get to their destination, no matter what.

"Nothing should stand in the way of romance on the most romantic day of the year, which is why we have launched our Proposal Cover."

The research by Green Flag revealed that 28 per cent of those asked believe that turning up late is the worst thing you could do on a date, so Green Flag has tackled the issue head on by launching an additional 'Save The Date' service.

For Valentine's Day only, Green Flag's team of specialists will ensure those who break down in areas with the most expected dates planned (London, Birmingham and Bristol) get to their destination armed with a complimentary gift to keep their special someone sweet.

Apart from turning up late, Green Flag's research revealed the things that turn a date from sweet to sour:

  • Breaking down en route
  • Not bringing a gift
  • Talking about their ex
  • Getting too drunk
  • Checking out other people
  • Spending the whole time on their phone
  • Expecting their date to foot the bill
  • Talking about the weather
  • Not making an effort to look smart.

Last Valentine's Day, Green Flag was called out to help 2,921 breakdowns, and over the past three Valentine's the roadside rescue company has handled 15,879 calls and been called out to 9,226 repairs.

Almost half of Brits (48 per cent) going on dates this Valentine's Day plan to drive, and almost four million Brits (3,889,375) have broken down en route to a date. A third (33 per cent) of Brits claim breaking down en route to a date would make them feel "stressed." Other emotions Brits claim they would feel if they got stranded on their way to a date include guilty, upset, anxious, annoyed and embarrassed.