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Green Flag attending frozen parts and icy collisions

11 February 2013

  • Breakdown incidents up 20 per cent on last week
  • Call outs include non-starts, flat batteries and frozen locks
  • Drivers warned to take extra care with ice on the roads

Miranda Schunke, spokesperson for Green Flag, comments, "We have seen a dramatic increase in call outs as the winter weather once again creates treacherous driving conditions across much of Britain’s road network. Our call out volumes have increased by 20% since last week.”

“We advise motorists to take extra care as the winter weather returns in force causing hazardous driving conditions. We advise drivers, if they do have to drive in snow or icy conditions, that they allow extra time for their journey, ensure they have warm clothing and a charged mobile phone in case they breakdown or get stuck in the snow."

"From experience, we know that the number of calls for rescue assistance can double in wintry conditions, so we monitor weather forecasts in advance and draft in extra staff both on the roads and on the phones to handle emergencies. If you haven’t got breakdown cover and you need help, do still give us a call as ‘instant cover’ is always available."

For those motorists who must use the roads, Green Flag has some top tips for driving in hazardous weather conditions:

  • Use the defroster and windshield wipers for better visibility. Ensure the blades are in good condition, with no splits, de-ice the screen completely and ensure the blades are not frozen to the screen before operating. Failure to do so may result in the protective fuse blowing. It is also worth adding an anti-freeze inhibitor to the screen wash fluid container
  • Once on the road, check your speed and turn slowly, even if the roads have been gritted
  • Give more warning than usual to other drivers when turning, stopping or changing lane
  • Keep plenty of distance between cars. You never know when you'll hit an icy spot. If you pass the same landmarks as the car in front of you within three seconds, you are following too closely
  • Pump the brakes slowly and gently if your car does not have anti-lock brakes. Constant pressure can cause them to lock and skid which can cause collision
  • Be extra wary of black ice - it is an invisible danger that can catch out the most careful driver
  • Approach corners at a steady speed, in as low a gear as possible. Don't touch the clutch unless it is absolutely necessary, steer smoothly and avoid braking on the bends
  • If driving in poor light, ensure your headlights are in working order so you are visible to other drivers

For further information, please contact:

Miranda Schunke
Green Flag Press Office
Tel: 0208 266 3795
Mobile: 07766 472 690

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Citigate Dewe Rogerson
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