Fuel economy

What does misfuel mean?

Misfuelling is when the wrong fuel is put in a vehicle, and usually involves petrol being accidentally pumped into a diesel car. Whether it’s because of tiredness, being distracted or simply not being used to the car, approximately 150,000 motorists do this every year, and the effects can be catastrophic.

Which is why cover from Green Flag makes even more sense than ever, with misfuelling cover being included in all our packages except Rescue cover, at no extra cost.

What we cover?

If you’ve taken out Rescue Plus, Recovery, Recovery Plus or EuroPlus, we’ll arrange and pay to have your tank drained if you misfuel. We’ll try to do this where you are, but if that’s not possible, we’ll choose a nearby garage. We’ll also safely dispose of the contaminated fuel.

As a helping hand, once the tank is drained, we’ll give you enough of the right fuel to get you back on the road. We’re ready to help, no matter what.

More about misfuelling

We’ve spoken to Dr Geraint Owen from the University of Bath about why petrol is bad for a diesel engine. But we also recognise that accidents do happen, so we’ve pulled together some handy hints on what to do if you accidentally put petrol in your diesel car.