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Neil Back MBE

Neil Back MBE

Neil Back is a true sportsman, renowned for his passion, dedication and incredible skill on the pitch. His tenacity and spirit guaranteed that he was an instrumental part of England’s 2003 world cup winning side and his unwavering dedication to the sport has continually reinforced his position as one of the most recognisable and influential players that the sport has seen in recent times.

Since retiring in 2004, Neil has continued to be ever present in the rugby world, coaching at the highest levels:

2003 - 2008 Leicester Tigers
2008 - 2011 Leeds Carnegie
2011 - 2012 The Rugby Football Club
2012 - 2013 Edinburgh Rugby

Since leaving Edinburgh in 2013, Neil now uses his rugby expertise as a commentator, pundit and now Green Flag ambassador.

'We are very excited to have Neil Back as our brand ambassador this season. Like Green Flag, he is no stranger to the importance of performing efficiently at the breakdown so is the perfect fit. His experience and passion for Rugby is immeasurable and we look forward to working with him throughout the season.'