MPs campaign for safer cycle routes

24 February 2012
MPs have campaigned to urge the Government to make Britain's roads safer for cyclists

Politicians across all parties have rallied together to call on the Government to make Britain's roads more accessible and safer for cyclists.

Many MPs crammed into Westminster Hall to discuss the issues cyclists face when travelling. The crusade comes as part of The Times newspaper's own campaign that urges the Department for Transport to consider making changes to junctions and to provide training for those who plan to commute regularly on their bikes.

Educating cyclists on road safety could potentially lessen accidents with motorists, which might mean fewer calls to their breakdown cover providers.

Reports have suggested that there were more MPs in attendance to debate the matter than there usually are at discussions in the House of Commons.

Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert, for Cambridge, who opened the discussion, said that cycling on the roads is relatively safe but that it needed to be more accessible to those who want to get involved.

He added that half of the public consider urban roads unsafe and said a debate is "long overdue".