Photograph showing a family stood outside wearing coats and hats, while a man uses a mobile phone

With winter upon us, Green Flag brings you this timely online driving guide, designed to keep you motoring whatever the weather.

There’s advice on preparing your car for winter, what to carry in the car, how to avoid a breakdown, driving in adverse conditions and avoiding Christmas car crime. And if you’re heading to the continent for a skiing holiday or Christmas booze cruise, we’ve got lots of advice on driving in mainland Europe over winter. If you’re planning a trip to Europe by car, make sure you have European breakdown cover, as you might be shocked to find out how much recovery from abroad can cost.

Preparation is the key to trouble free winter motoring, and the good news is that most of it is free and easy to do. But at Green Flag we know many drivers don’t take the right measures to ensure they stay on the road during the winter months. We found that just a third of drivers even bother to check their batteries, with 1-in-5 presuming their batteries are checked when the car is serviced.

Read on to find out more about motoring in winter.

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