Get online or get lost!

Photograph showing a man and woman running along a beach

It’s that panicky feeling. You’re driving in an unfamiliar area and you don’t recognise any of the place names. You’re not entirely sure that you’re heading in the right direction, and you’re sure you’ve passed that building at least three times before. Let’s face it – you’re lost!

Trawling through maps or adjusting your navigation device while driving is a very dangerous distraction, and Green Flag recommends that you find a safe place to stop first.

Also you could take advantage of free online route planners to help you find your way. The service allows drivers to choose the best possible route available to their destination and also keeps drivers informed of the latest road developments as they happen.

Green Flag’s free route planner quickly calculates the distance and travel time between any two chosen locations throughout Britain and the rest of Europe. Drivers can choose between the shortest or fastest route available, giving them route alternatives should one become swamped by holiday traffic. A colour map and detailed set of written directions is automatically produced to show the chosen route.

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