How to prevent your car's engine from freezing this winter

A lack of antifreeze or poor mix can lead to your radiator freezing or general mechanical failure of your engine. In order to prevent his you should do the following.

Always ensure that you have used factory recommended oil with the correct viscosity in the motor. This helps the engine to start easier on a cold winter morning. Also try to park your car in a garage to keep it out of the direct cold. However, if you need to stop outside then always park the car facing north or park it on the south side of the street.

Periodic cleaning and checking of your battery's posts, water and cables is another way to keep your engine in good running condition throughout winter. If your battery is old, get it checked before the cold begins and charge it during winter to ensure an easier start.

You can ensure maximum warmth for your battery by purchasing a battery blanket, which wraps around the battery to keep it insulated. Some can be plugged into an electric outlet to provide heat. Alternatively, install a block heater which can be purchased at any reputable dealer.

For a cost effective solution to your cold engine, dig up some old blankets that offer good insulation and cover your car every night. Be prepared for the cold and ensure you have adequate breakdown cover in the event of battery failure. Get a free online breakdown cover quote from Green Flag today for added peace of mind this winter.